5 photos you must have in your Instagram page as a model

7 photos you must have on your Instagram page as a model

Your Instagram page is your number 1 mini portfolio aside from your model book or website. For a new model, this is one of the first things models scouts and agencies look at when considering signing you into their agency. It’s also the place where clients often feed their eyes to know if you are good for their job. Therefore, it is of almost important to get the right photos on your Instagram page to land that gig or representation.

Below are the top 5 photos you must have on your Instagram as you prepare for the new year page;

1. Model Polaroids

This is an unedited photo of you in natural light and state. Although you can use a good photo camera, it is advised that you get a polaroid shot from a professional photographer who is accustomed to the modelling industry. For more on model’s polaroid click here

Female model polaroid
male polaroid

2. Beauty shot

Here you will need to bring in the specialty of a make-up artist and a hairstylist. However, the make-up, hairstyle, and jewelry shouldn’t be too extravagant. The idea of a beauty shot is to showcase your face (usually for your shoulder above) to a client in your natural state. For editorial models, smiling is not too necessary, but if you are a commercial model, the beauty /headshot can be more relaxed and you can choose to smile and be more friendly.

Beauty shot of a female model
male model beauty shot

3. Swim suit shot

Except you want to be a hijab model or a model who wouldn’t want to model lingeries or revealed clothing for any reason; including a swimsuit photo of you is very essential for building your Instagram page as it will in turn give you more jobs and representations. While taking this photo you can knee, stand, sit, and lie on the ground. A swimsuit photo of you showcasing your body flaws and flawlessness to your clients or agencies and enabling them to know if they would want to work with you or not.

Swimsuit model on bed

4. Editorial shot

This is the photo where you will need to be creative. Try to create a story with your body and be totally expressive. You can choose to jump, run, lie on the ground, dance, or do something more interesting. You can choose to wear more jewelry and make-up. The only rule here is to be photographed by a high-quality photographer and master the art of posing.

Male editorial shot
female editorial shot

5. Monochrome shot

This is a black-and-white shot. It is widely used in fashion and artistic photography. Monochromatic colors are perfect for creating a sense of calm and serenity and it removes any distraction that comes with colours. In photography, A black and white shot focuses the viewer’s attention on the subject—”you”

Monochrome shot of a female model
Male monochrome shot

6. Location shot

This is an outdoor shot. It means taking photographs outside the walls of the studio. This type of photo creates a more natural, candid, effortless look. And it is one photo that gives your Instagram page that spark, warmth, and professionalism.

outdoor shot

7. Behind-the-scene shot

While this may often be overlooked by most models, adding this to your Instagram page create a sense of friendly connection with your viewers, as it creates a more in-depth story for your viewers. The “behind-the-scene” memory seems to be surprisingly effective at grabbing the attention of new fans and giving them a compelling reason to continually follow your work

Behind-the-scene at GTB fashion week

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