Model Agent Chat with Unik Kingsley – CEO of UFB Model Management

Unik Kingsley, the Founder, and CEO of UFB, which is a brand that covers design and fashion as well as runs a modelling agency called UFB Model Management, revealled his thought and hopes for the modelling industry in the Model Agent chat with Walks and Beauty. UFB Model Management is an exclusive modelling agency aimed at scouting, developing, managing, and placing models. Whilst UFB Fashion Show which engulfs the aspect of design and fashion is an event centered on a strong sense of identity and culture by showcasing quality and well-constructed fashion from Prominent and cutting-edge designers.

In a chat with Walks And Beauty, Unik . Read on for more!!

what are the challenges you experience with models as an agent?

First of all, it is the lack of support from parents. Secondly, it is the fact that some models prefer to work on their own without the help of a manager, and this act is not profitable for them.

Okay, So what is the role of a Manager to a Model?

It is just like running a company without a manager. All models who have been successfully placed abroad have managers and the role of a manager actually facilitated their placement.

For models who don’t have managers, giving a price to their value would be difficult for them, and in most cases they often underprice themselves. For instance, if you ask a model how much he or she requires for a said modelling job, they often do not know the right amount to mention and this is like selling a product whose price you are still obscure about and so do not know the right price to sell to your potential customer. But with the help of a Manager, underpricing will be prevented as well as unfavourable contract bids.

Even in term of collaboration, some photographers brings up collaboration deals that aren’t beneficial to the models, and for models who aren’t aware they move over to take up the proposal but if a model has a manager the manager will be able to weigh the collaboration gig and terms, adjusting any unfavourable term and therefore will make sure it is a win-win suitable for both collaborators i.e photographers and models.

Also, most brands love to work with another brand instead of individuals. This is also applicable to the modelling industry. Clients prefer to work with models who have managers or belong to an agency.

Are there any issues among model agents? If yes, kindly tell us what they are.

Yes, there are.
One issue on the ground is the lack of collaboration that exists between modelling agents, and this shouldn’t be the case. If my agency has a modelling job but we do not have any models to fit in for that particular job, my agency should be able to contact another agency to send in the needed number of models to complete the tasks but this isn’t so in Nigeria where an agency sees another modelling agency as a competitor.

What are the changes you wish to see in the modelling industry?

I would like to see more supportive parents as this would go a long way in building a solid career for the models and the industry.

And for modelling agents, I hope they are more open-minded and accept collaboration with their co-agencies because that is one of the major ways the modelling industry can progress.

When scouting for models what are the challenges you face?

Here in Abuja, it is quite difficult scouting for models between the ages of 16-18 because of the confined and organised environment we are in. Here, if models of that age range aren’t in school they are at home which often is situated in an estate and of course, you can’t just walk into an estate.

So the only hope you have in scouting for models are in the markets, shopping malls, churches or mosques. But in these places, they are often with their parents, and because some parents are not well enlightened about the modelling industry they tend not to even listen to you when you approach them.

Having recently concluded your Fashion Show, can you tell us more about it?

UFB is also into promotions. So the Fashion week is an annual aimed at promoting brands, their product and services.whether it a clothing brand, hotel or any other thing. This year’s event was superb and next year is even going to be better because with each new year we in UFB seek to increase our goals.

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