The modelling industry has witnessed quite a several new faces being signed in, developed, and thereafter becoming professional or top models. However, for these models to be easily identified by the client or the model booker, Model agents often form what is called modelling board.

This modelling board are divided into 4 major categories; New face board, Development board, Main broad, and Image board. Although some modelling agencies group New face and development board together and use the name interchangeably (in this case it is called the 3-way category).

what is a modelling Board ?

A modelling board can be either a visual grouping like in the case of a modelling website or a physical board (could be a shelf) where composite cards are displayed based on their portfolio development and level of experience. A modelling board is used to differentiate new and developing models from professional models as well as models who can be used for high fashion or commercial purposes (see main and image board). It simply helps to organize the agency’s model data by classifying models based on their experience, time spent in the industry, and portfolio development. This practice is common in the runway and high fashion modelling agencies.

Differences between each Modelling board

New Face Board

This is the board that comprises models that are newly discovered i.e they do not have a modelling portfolio rather their modelling Polaroids and snapshot are displayed on the agency website or office. Models on this board also lack experience and training in the modelling industry since they are newbies. Models here are in the path of creating a modelling portfolio and Comp card.

Development Board

In some agencies, the “New model Board and “Development Board” are grouped as one while in some they may exist as two separate boards. In the latter, Models here aren’t professional models but have done their beginner’s portfolio and composite card through a series of test shoots, photography collaborations, and unpaid Gigs. Also, models in this category can be booked for jobs, however, their pay won’t be as juicy as that of main board models i.e they command lower fees compared to the main board models. Nonetheless, they will be promoted to the Main Board as they progress in their career.

Main Board

Models present in this category have professional portfolios and great modelling experience. They are the high-fashion models who can do anything; runway, commercial, Editorial, catalogue, lookbook e.t.c. Models here command higher pay since they have lots of tear sheets and a larger body of work. It is important to note that the time spent in the modelling industry is not necessarily what guarantees your promotion to the main board, rather it is the number of jobs done and type of gigs.

Image Board

Models in this board are mostly not of high fashion height or looks but are suitable for image jobs. Such jobs are magazine editorials, advertorials, fashion e-commerce, print ads, and maybe TV commercials.

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