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See the 3 other jobs done at GTB Fashion Weekend aside being a Runway Model

Whilst walking the runway seem to be the traditional practices of models during Fashion Week, the GTB Fashion Weekend has introduced other events like Masterclass live tutorials, editorial cover feature and Fashion Trade Fair themed “Promoting Enterprise”.

In these, Models were presented with 3 modelling jobs to take up aside walking the runway. Read below to have glimpse of the 3 jobs done during the GTB fashion week also known as GTCO Fashion Weekend

1. Life-Art Modeling at the GTB Fashion Weekend Masterclass

Here’s to one of the most exciting parts of the GTB fashion Weekend 2022. In the Masterclass, Live-Art Models otherwise known as Artist Models were used by some Professionals in the Beauty industry during their live tutorial presentations at the Masterclass

Professionals like Felicia Leatherwood did a live hair styling tutorial in the presence of the audience using a live model. The hair of the model was styled by Felicia as she explained some key points to note in the hairstyling occupation.

Also, Mila Thomas did a live make up tutorial on a model during the master class. These models used to perform these live tutorials are called Live art Models or Artist Models.

A live-art model in Mila Thomas make up tutorial at GTB Master class
Felicia in a tutorial with a live-art model

2. Promotional Jobs at the show Trade fair

Promotional modelling jobs are gradually becoming a trend in Fashion shows. At the GTB fashion trade fair, models were seen talking to potential customers about the company’s products they were modelling for such as Lope Lewa, Ayinke Adire, and Toju Foyeh.

Models involved in this type of modelling job must have a good knowledge of what the company’s product Is all about and must be easygoing and friendly.

GTB Fasion Weekend trade fair

3. Fashion Editorial Modelling Job for African Finest exclusive for GTB Fashion Weekend

Another cupcake of the GTB Fashion Weekend was the free copies of Africa’s Fashion Editorial which were distributed to all attendees.

Models such as Chioma (40th Miss Nigeria), Naimo, and some others were photographed pre-the-event, and their images were used as an editorial cover for the Fashion Weekend Magazine.

Models in this category of jobs are often regarded as high fashion or editorial models.

Africa’s finest Fashion editorial for GTB Fashion weekend

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