Andrea Iyama resort collection wear

And who says resort wears are only bikinis and swimsuit? Andrea Iyamah in her resort collection curated vibrant designs to fit all personalities and standards, giving each of the well-crafted pieces a Classy, hot, modest, or calm look. In this, one doesn’t necessarily need to wear what one’s isn’t comfortable with as there are varieties of options available to all fashion and beach lovers.

Also, the warmth in the choice of Colours Andrea Iyamah used in her signature pieces stands alluring. From The milky white to the ruby pink to the pristine ocean blue and the fiery orange. The combination of these colours upheaves the feeling of peace in one’s mind and depicts the true meaning of the event theme “LOVE IS” between two

The private presentation of Andrea Iyamah resort collection which took place on the 30th October , 2022 was part of the Lagos fashion week 2022 program.

Check out our pick of remarkable designs form Andrea Iyamah resort collection

More resort designs from Andrea Iyama

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