The South Sudan Fashion Week founded by Dawson Dau Amou, an East African Model held its 7th Edition of the annual event on the 22nd of October 2022 with the theme “Rebranding South Sudan”.

This year’s fashion show in Juba extended its arm to the visitation of an orphanage and awarding of outstanding Professionals, whilst still carrying out her primary role of showcasing models with well-crafted clothing designs.

Below are major Highlight of events that’s took place in the during the fashion week

1. Visitation of Stone International Orphanage

South Sudan Fashion Week partnered with Elevate African Woman in visiting the Stone Church orphanage which had 1300 Orphans and Widows in her custody. The aim was to train young girls on menstrual hygiene and distribution the necessities.

2. Fashion awards

As stated earlier, South Sudan Fashion week dimmed it fit to award outstanding professionals who are related to the modelling and fashion industry in the country. Below are the awards given;

Fashion Photographer of the year – Mogga Jacob
Mogga Jacob
Stylish Female Journalist of the year – Kafuki Jada
Kafuki Jada – Best styled Female
Women’s Wear Designer of the year – Rajah Anuna Lado
Rajih Anuna Lado on receiving the award of the best Women’s designer of the year
Men’s Wear Designer of the year – Rieldo Fabrics
Rieldo Fabrics – Men’s wear designer of the year
Upcoming designer of the year – Nyawich Kuong
Nyawich kuong

Fashion Showcase

Beautiful and well -curated designs were seen on models who graced the runway of SSFW. The designers who’s works were shown are; Stella Fashion , Under the sun, Willie mito, Ramoo Designs, Ghum Barnabas Kulang , Ninrew, Tiriki, karyln Collection, and Rieldo Fabrics.

More Wines

Miz Aisha Bello, CEO Star Model Africa was presented with an award at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This award was given to her by the Ambassador of Nigeria to South Sudan on behalf of the Director of South Sudan Fashion Week.

More taste of South Sudan Fashion

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