The prestigious Lagos Fashion Week 2022 came to an end on the 30th of October 2022 yet the buzz is still flaring in the air.

Lagos fashion show is an annual fashion event that is founded by Omoyemi Akerele in 2011 and produced by Style House Flies, which is a fashion business development agency aimed to accelerate change in the Nigerian and African fashion industry.

The Fashion show revealed well-curated fashion masterpieces from designers across Africa as well as showcased models from different agencies, with different body sizes and colours. However, some models seemed to grace the runway for more designers compared to others.

Below are the 10 faces that walked the runway most in the just concluded LFW 22

1. Adams Godwin

Adams is a Nigerian male Model who is currently represented by Cias Model. He walked the runway for 10 fashion designers in the just concluded fashion week 2022. These designers include Jzo, Ugo Monye, Maxhosa Africa, kadiju, KikoRomeo, Oshobor, Austrain Lace , Cute Saint, TJWHO, and Emmy kasbit

Adams for Ugo Monye
Adams for Emmy Kasbit


Nichole, a Nigerian model represented by Lit Model Management was seen gracing the runway for 10 High Fashion clothing brands during the just concluded Lagos fashion week ’22. The clothing brands are Munkus, Jermaine Bleu, TJWHO, Gozel green studio, Austrian Lace, Orire, Desiree Iyama , Tia Adelola , Metakay and Emmy Kasbit.

Nichole for Munkus
Nichole for Emmy Kasbit


Viola, a model currently represented by Lit model management walked the runway for nothing less than 8 designers during the LFW. These designers include Gozel green, Emmy Kasbit, Pettre Taylor, Munkus, Desiree Iyama, Geto , Ejiro Amos Tafiri and Jermaine Bleu.

Viola opening for Ejiro Amos Tafiri
Viola for Jermaine Bleu

4. Peace Ufuoma Eto

Ufuoma, a male Nigerian model currently represented by LED Model Management was seen walking the runway for 7 high fashion brands. These include Jzo, Ugo Monye, Maxhosa Africa, Olooh, KikoRomeo, Abigail Ajobi, and TJWHO

Ufuoma for Abigail Ajobi
Ufuoma for Kikoromeo

5. Sanya Ayodeji

Sanya, a Nigerian Male model who is represented by Zane Model Management walked the runway graciously for 7 Fashion brands. These brands include; Babayo, Pepper Row, Jzo, Ugo Monye, Maxhosa Africa , Awa Meite and Austrain lace.

Sanya for Pepperrow
Sanya for JZO

6. Blaize (Stephen ) Onye Eze

Blaize also known as Stephen is a Nigerian Male model represented by Led Model Management. He recently graced the runway for Jzo, Ugo Monye, Maxhosa Africa , KikoRomeo, TJWHO, and Geto during the just concluded Lagos Fashion Week 2022, making it a total of 6 designers for which he modelled for.

Blaize for Geto
Blaize for Jzo

7. Netochukwu Aretha Amadi

Neto is a Nigerian female model represented by Golden City Models. She modelled for 6 fashion houses during the LFW. The fashion brands she walked are Eki, Geto, Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Munkus, Austrain lace and Desiree Iyama.

Neto for Geto
Neto for Munkus

8. Abibat Lade Eletu

Abibat is a Nigerian Model currently represented by Zane Model Management. She walked the runway for 6 Fashion designers which include FIA, Abiola Olusola, Ejiro Amos Tafiri , Pepper Row, Algueye Dakar, and Awa Meite.

Abibat for FIA

9. Gbemi Sade

Gbemi, a Nigerian female model who is currently represented Golden City models was among the models who graced the runway show the most in the just concluded Lagos Fashion week 2022. She was seen to have the runway for 5 fashion designers which include Algueye Dakar, FIA, Abiola Olusola , Ejiro Amos Tafir, and Awa Meite

Gbemi for Algueye Dakar
Gbemi for Awa Meite

10. Deborah Ezeh

Deborah is also a Nigeria model currently represented by Lit Model Management. During LFW, She walked for 5 designers which included Elie Kuame, Duaba Serwa, Simone & Elise, Kadiju and Fruche.

Deborah for Simone & Elise
Deborah for Duaba Serwa

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