If you are thinking that can always model for life and make money solely from it then it is time you reconsider your thought.

Most often and quite unfortunately, modelling is usually not something that lasts a lifetime. However, some models have walked the runway and graced magazines cover for more than 20 years and still seem to be in demand and may continue to be in demand for more years.

Models such as Naomi Campbell who was discovered at the age of 15 in 1986 and she’s presently 52 but still modelling, Daphne Selfe who was discovered at the age of 21 in 1949 and she’s still modelling even at age 94 (although there was a break from her modelling career when she started childbearing), Marie-Sophie Wilson (age 58) , Benedetta Barzini who was covered at age 20 in 1963 and still modelling even at age 79, Kate Moss who was discovered at the age of 14 and still modelling at age 48 and Tyra Banks who was discovered at the age of 15 and she’s still modelling at age 48. These are just to name a few. But these occurrence aren’t always the case. The chances of modelling for long are slim as the industry is now more saturated then before and new faces are being discovered daily when often replace the existing ones.

Dalphne Selfe
Below are 10 side hustle ideas that you can take up Whilst enjoying your modelling fame and wealth

1. Financial Investing

These include buying stocks and cryptocurrency. Investing in mutual funds, ETFs, Index Funds, bonds, real estate, and any other physical or digital assets. If you are not accustomed to the knowledge of any of these you can start by joining a financial literacy class to get acquainted with the right knowledge. After that you began investing part of the money gotten from your modelling jobs. Bamboo , troove and Binance app can help you get started

2. Blogging

This may sound like a cliche but it can not be overemphasized. As a model, you are exposed to more knowledge on the fashion, beauty, and modelling industry and can simply share information from that niche. Although blogging required some level of consistency and financial funding, however, the break-even is big and usually worth it.

3. Tech guru

It’s no longer new that technology is taking over and the knowledge of this gives rise to excellent benefits. Learning a skill in tech such as “Front-end” or “Back-end” web development, Python, Data Analysis, Web or graphic designing, Project Management, UX / UI design, Coding, Cyber security, and digital marketing amongst others, will forever become a big investment to you. Tech skills come with high monetary reward.

4. Writing

Aside from blogging; Transcription, content writing, copywriting, speech writing, technical writing, Grant writing Ghost writing, speech translation, and many more writing jobs are good side hustles for those who enjoy putting pen to paper. Here, you must have good knowledge of the topic you are writing on with good grammatical skills and in the case of content writing, good knowledge of SEO is essential.

5. Producing of Natural skin care products

Modelling gives you the opportunity to have an epic skincare routine that leaves you with glowing skin. Now, everyone wants to look beautiful and glow and they will easily purchase skin care products from someone that has flawless skin and not just from any random person. Producing homemade cosmetic products such as natural or organic body cream, natural hair treatments, lip gloss or balm, and oil perfume can give you some cool cash. All these you can make from the comfort of your home and sell it directly to consumers using your social media channel. As you grow and make more money in the modelling world you can invest more and grow your newly found skincare company.

6. Creating a youTube / podcast channel

Having a YouTube channel or going into podcasting is a great way to make money. Unlike blogging, YouTube is a virtual representation of yourself or what you do. When creating a YouTube channel as a model, it is advised that you frequent your work in a niche close to or related to modelling since your main source of traffic Is from the modelling industry. It could be anything ranging from celebrity gossip, lifestyle gossip, fashion or skincare or makeup tutorials, or even music, movies, magazine, and book reviews. You can make money through Ads, affiliate marketing, and more. For podcasts, it can either be an audio or video representation.

7. Acting

While acting for a real movie might not be too easy as a new bee, you can start with short clips on Tiktok and Instagram. Use the correct hashtag for more publicity. Tag and contact some movie casting directors. Also, look out for casting auditions.

8. Art Skills

These include Fashion designing, Hairstyling, Make-up, or photographing. Learning and practicing any of these skills is a great way to generate revenue for now and in the future.

9. Selling out modelling services and materials

Modelling services include becoming a catwalk instructor, posing instructor, model coach, and model scout. Modelling materials include polaroids outfits, models book, models bag, models comp cards, and portfolio templates. You can do all these and still perform your modelling jobs. These are also great if you intend to start up your modelling agency or academy.

10. Brand influencing

Becoming an influencer simply means you will use your social media traffic to promote a good or service. The aim is to get your audience to buy or perform a specific action for the brand. Also, as an influencer, you must have high social media engagement and master the art of storytelling. If you have a high social engagement, naturally, brands will contact you for promotion however you can reach out to the brand you wish to contact. Read more on Brand Influencing and collaboration

More tips

Getting a university degree could be of great benefit to you in the future. So whilst working as a model you can also attend university alongside.

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