Kiera a fashion and Portrait photographer based in London and founder of Kiera sharp photography speaks on different components that revolve around models and photography.

Image shot by Kiera Sharp Photography

How long have you been photographing and what’s your specialty?

I have been doing photography full-time for around a year! After graduating full-time education last year, I specialize in fashion, particularly editorial and commercial, but also enjoy lifestyle photography.

What do you think make photographers good at their job?

Passion! But not passion for cameras, passion for art and creating! You can’t keep creating the same thing, so a passion for meaningful art and chasing a vision for sure. Also drive, you have to be driven and a self-starter for sure.

Do you approach photography with storytelling?

For sure! Story telling is key to making a fashion story, otherwise there is no story, particularly for a full 8-look editorial.

Does a model play a key role in telling a story through photography?

Models play an equally important part as everyone else on the team. If one part of the team is off, the whole team is off and the story can’t be told to its full potential!

As regards the team, aside the model and photographer, what other creatives is necessary for shooting?

Fashion stylist, hair and makeup artist, and art director for sure, everyone contributes to the success of a fashion story!

Having been a photographer for quite some time, what are the attitudes that models put up with which are unhealthy for the team? And how do you think it can be improved?

Coming into a shoot with a closed mind definitely stunts the team and me as a photographer, as it puts a cloud over the entire shoot and stunts the shoot’s potential. For it to be improved, I think better communication from the photographer’s side as to what the story will involve so the model feels comfortable on the day and prepared with the option to say no, as well as from the model’s side just being able to have an open mind on the day.

Image shot by Kiera Sharp Photography

Do you spend as much time when editing a haired model compared to an hairless one?

I spend roughly the same time editing all models, I don’t edit out hair, beauty is beauty regardless of hair and individuality is key! I edit my photos quote lightly anyway, I focus more on lighting than retouching the actual model.

Most believe in editing out the hair, giving the model a fuller lip and a more pointed nose because they feel all models should just look that way. What’s your stance on this?

Wow! In my opinion, what’s the point of using different models if you’re going to edit everything that makes them unique out?

Talking of behind the scene, what do you think are the preparations a model should carry out before coming for shooting?

In my opinion, the best thing a model can bring is a good mindset! That’s what I think brings the most to the shoot, being excited, open-minded, and happy! I can’t think of anything else that’s super important to the outcome of the shoot, bringing their model book and card always helps! As it helps see the model’s previous work and also the card is a reminder to use the model in the future, which is helpful to the model.

Image by Kiera Photography
Image by Kiera Photography

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