In the spirit of the fashion week in Milan, Italy, the director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele has birthed forth a new concept which he termed “The Gucci TWINSBURG Fashion Show”. This idea was actualized by the presence of only identical twin models walking two runways, a reflection of the other.

And in his words ;

As if by magic, cloth duplicate. They seem to loose their status of singularity. The same clothes emanate different qualities on seemingly identical bodies. Fashion, after all, lives on serial multiplications that don’t hamper the most genuine expression of every possible individual.

The Gucci TWINSBURG Fashion Show thought was conceived from the fascination for the double which Alessandra had from the fact that he had 2 mothers. While this might be strange to many to Alessandro it was absolutely normal. His mums are twin. In a pinned-down note he wrote he was not interested on who his real mother was as both women whom he called his mother contributed greatly to his achievement and existence.

His message in quote;

The grace for their duplicated and expended love gave rise to my external fascination for the double, for the things that seem to reflect equal to themselves. Every single time I catch an aura of beauty in such specular multiplication. It’s so familiar and powerful. A trembling miracle challenging the impossible.

The runway of the Gucci show was lined with portraits to prompt a reflection on how identity is comprehended through the presence of another.

Watch the full documentary video on “The Gucci TWINSBURG Fashion Show” below

The Other detail to note in the course of the show is the incorporation of Chinese culture into European design blended with emblems and icons, to bring out that which is historic as well as paying homage to cultures whose style contributed to his narrative.

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