AGENCY ABANDONMENT – Things Models never knew

I’m sure you have never heard about the word before because it is actually formed by me to explain a popular scenario going on in the modelling industry between a modelling agency and her model.

Agency abandonment is a scenario where models are neglected by their agency because of their lack of courtesy and overall uncultured attitude.

In layman’s terms, it is simply when an agency does not consider a model anymore for jobs or represents the model informally. Here, the model still holds the contract of being represented by the said agency but because of the model’s bad conduct, the agency does not bring jobs to her table or even submit her portfolio to foreign agencies for placement.

So here is how it works, every modelling agency wants to work with a model who is humble, polite, honest, and loyal, and even if you are as tall as Naimo Campbell or as stunning as agbani Darego, if you lack courtesy or show even the slightest trace of dishonesty you won’t go far.

what’s the negative impact of agency abandonment?

  1. You will not be considered for jobs anymore. And if you are, it will be fewer in numbers and even low pay jobs in extreme cases. One, they would realistically not considered fit.
  2. You will be only considered as a second option, that is only if the models they are proud of are unavailable then you might come into play.
  3. There are chances of you not being placed internationally because they feel you aren’t loyal and rude and more likely to embarrass them abroad.
  4. You will find yourself struggling to survive in the modelling niche and you will not be able to leave because of the contract years that bind you and your agency.
  5. Even if you decide to leave, most agencies do not sign in old faces I.e models who have been previously signed to an agency.
  6. The agency that is likely to give you a try will demand proof of termination of the contract, and of course, you do not have any because you left on your own and so you are very much likely to stay unsigned.
  7. lastly, even if you get signed, you will surely display your bad attitude and the cycle will repeat itself.
    so conclusively, drop your uncultured character. Put on the armor of humility, honesty, courtesy, and loyalty if you intend on becoming a star in the industry.

NOTE: Recommendation will take you to more (better) places than hard work will.

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