10 important etiquette tips for models

Model: maartje

1. Show up on time (usually 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time). It shows how punctual you are and give clients and creatives more reasons to work with you again

2. Good hygiene is always expected from a model. On this make sure you do the following;

  • Keep a clear skin (this includes working on your acne, blemishes,  bruises, and the overall skin). It is essential for a model to have a good skincare routine to take care of any skin twist.
  • Keep clean hairs always. It is recommended that you wash your hair on previous days prior to the shoot.
  • Keep a white clean teeth. If you can, have a dentist clean your teeth at intervals and make sure you brush your teeth daily (2 times a day is recommended). No client will want to work with a model who has the slightest trace of bad breathe. Also, Crest Whitening Strips work well on a last-minute basis.
  • Manicured fingernails and toes. These help make the fingers and toes look beautiful and soft.
  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin. This keeps the skin and body healthy
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep before the shoot date. It will relax the body and mind. Also, it prevents you from looking stressed on your shooting or gig day

4. Always read/ inquire about the brief. To learn more about brief purchase the modelling ebook “on becoming a model here

3. Wear no makeup or excessive jewellery to a casting or shoot except when asked to.

5. On a shoot, never ask to see the photographs as they are being taken. It might pissed off the photographer and make the shoot overly tiresome.

6. Never ask when you’ll get paid from the client, that’s a job meant for your agency or manager. If you’re a freelancer, you should have finalized your rates and know when you will be paid before taking up the job.

7. Don’t take criticism too harshly. It’s part of the job.

8. Never bad talk other models to clients or other creatives, it leaves you with a bad impression, and of course, you are going to get into trouble if the model in question finds out. You definitely don’t want to be tagged bad.

9. Be as polite as possible and never lose your cool on set. If you think you are mistreated, then report the case to your agency directly if you are an agency model or if you are a freelancer, the director on set or client will be your best approach. Report your case politely to the right source. It shows how professional you are.

10. Make sure you send feedback or review after a job, collaboration, or coaching class. Tell the client, collaborator, or facilitator that you enjoy working with him or her and you can state areas for improvement politely. Also, request a possible review of your work with them. This will help build a great network and more working connections in the future. However, for agency models, you may be prohibited from communicating with the clients directly, still, you can post the tear sheet on your social media pages, tag and mention the brand to it and leave a short appreciative note as a caption. This will go a long way in giving you more jobs.

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