The Effect of Age in Modeling

Youthfulness often comes with activeness, elegance, and vibes and this is what most clients want.

Following the youthful demands of models by most clients, modeling agencies tend to drift towards this path of representing young models who can still maintain their youthful looks over the test of time. However, this doesn’t mean those mature models aren’t needed. Of course, mature models are needed, byt they mostly take part in commercial modeling and not the high fashion niche and editorial most modeling agencies look out for.

Also, young models between the age of 16-20 are mostly scouted because of the hope of them being taller than their current height. For instance, a boy of 17 who is 6’0ft tall is more likely to get scouted than a boy of 25 with 6’1ft. This is because there is a tendency for a boy of 17 to grow taller than for a boy of 25.

For these reasons, they tend to be high rejection toward older models of 26 years and above, who intend to get signed in by agencies engaging actively in the high fashion and editorial niche. Also for part modeling, glamour modeling, and even promotional modeling; young models are often used because their skin looks less fragile and more attractive.

Some of you might begin to wonder about some older models in their 30’s engaging highly in high fashion and editorial and magazine covers such as Naomi Campbell, Agbani Darego, oluchi, and many others, however, these models started young (mostly in their teenage age) and they metamorphosed into adulthood whilst the modeling industry watched.

Nevertheless, this is not to discourage older models of 35 years and above from joining the modeling industry. Although being represented by an agency might be difficult, you can go into freelancing, focusing more on commercial modeling and becoming an influencer (editorial might come into play when you are already popular in the niche that you are in or when older models are needed in the context of the magazine). You might also decide to work in the background by scouting and developing models io n the industry.

This is also to encourage models to start early in their modeling career in other to encounter less difficulty . 16 years is an ideal age for modeling, except of course on the issue of child modeling which could be from a day old.

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