The importance of art director in shooting

Can you trace your mind back to a picture that took some moment of you, gazing at it with so much aura for the photo? Or have you seen some adverts either on billboards, on social media, or TVs, and you imagine how the idea was curated with so much intellectual? Or have you ever gone for shooting and at some point felt beyond exhausted from trying to organize the whole shoot yourself, or tired of trying to communicate your idea of the shoot to your photographer or other creative alone?

If you are on this page, then the importance of an art director cannot be over-emphasized as the director who brings a project or an idea to life.

The concept might be quite strange to a new model starting. It is quite notable to state that the basic team new or aspiring models work with are make-up artists, hairstylists, and photographers. Only a few add fashion stylists to their team. However, your picture is very unlikely to have that daring, epic look without an art director and you are more likely to be shouldered with too many responsibilities if you decide to move on with an art director.

Who is an art director?

An art director is just like your manager on set. It is someone who oversees all the activities concerning your shoot. They establish your shooting idea into a concept that can be feasible for other creatives. From creating a well-detailed manner in which your visual idea can be achieved to choosing the best creatives that will work well for you. And from making sure all other creatives are on set on time with all their equipment Intact, to communicating the idea of the best fashion style or costumes that are ideal for the shot to the fashion stylist, the hairstyle that will bring out the project at its best to the gait stylist, best shooting background and concept for the type of image the model hopes to achieve to the photographer and directs how creative the makeup style should be for the shot to the makeup artist, to directing your poses on set to making sure the refreshments are available to the creatives. Overall, the art director guides a certain group of people (creatives) through a visual design to make a project come to life.

An art director is a director of a visual project. This is someone who leads a team of creatives, inspires them, recognizes their ability, and brings out the best in them to achieve the desired goal of the project.

If you hope to send a photo for a magazine cover or an advertisement company. Then art director can make your visual project easy and magnificent by creating the overall design for the project through brainstorming ideas and leading a team of creatives to fulfill the design in such a way that it seems psychologically appealing to the audience and stimulates mood.

Roles of an art director

1. An art directors create the overall visual design for the projects and determine how best to represent them.

2. An art director leads the team of creatives by directing them on what to do during the production process and might seek to replace a member of the team who doesn’t share the idea of the shoot or cannot properly process the idea of the shoot in his or her own niche.

3. An act director makes sure the model’s (client) message is conveyed efficiently to their desired audience

4. An art director set budget and timeline for project.

5. They review the final draft of the visual work to make sure it meets model’s (client) expectations before showing it to the client.

6. They are involved in selecting the best design element such as backgrounds, arts, colours, music if it’s a video or photograph in order to communicate your idea of the shot. I.e they work hand in hand with the graphic designer or editor to achieve desired result.

7. For a modeling portfolio and polaroids, an art director selects the best Images that can represent you well after the shot and also gives you ideas on how best to post them simultaneously if you are using a digital platform for your portfolio representation.

8. An art director gives the best design to your comp card, from making sure you have good images to giving your comp card the best graphical design.

9. An art director also works as a storyteller. He or she brings out ideas of woven words that you can use as a copy caption for your images.

10. Art directors generally determine the direction of a project a good set director cab make your project epic while a bad art director can mar your concept.

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Let us know if this article was helpful

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