Is NUDE MODELING beneficial to the future? Its career, advantages, and disadvantages.

Whilst this may be passed on by some models, posing nude for cameras is becoming the new trend. All aspiring models who are trying to navigate their way or trying to find the paths that will help their career growth, should check out all the modeling types by reading about them to make sure they know what they are signing up for.

What is nude modeling

Nude modeling is the art of posing without clothes on the genitals or female nipples and in some extreme cases, you do not cover any of your privates (breast and genitals) even with your hands. In some situations, it demands you to use a piece of clothing to just add flavour to the whole shoot without actually covering yourself up. The thread of nude modeling depends on each country. For Muslim countries it is not often as popular because of the effect of religion guiding such acts. However, nude modeling is experiencing an increase daily in liberal countries and African countries are slowly welcoming the idea of it. Nude modeling requires no specific body measurement. The height and body size need depends totally on the client and the intended goal needed to be achieved.

Why people do into nude modeling.

For some, it is a way of body positivity. To show that you are confident with your body. To some, it is a work of art and to others, it may be because of money and fame. Some models, at the start of their career, do not buy into the idea but as they proceed in the industry, having seen their role model in the industry posing as such, they became less stiff towards the idea of it and eventually become part. Some models get convinced by photographers or other models that nude modeling will land them more high-paying jobs and add more spice to their portfolio. While some of the reasons might seem right they are disadvantages that it may add to your career.

Age for nude modeling

Child models are generally not allowed to take part in nude modeling except in the course of commercial adverts for diapers soap, body cream e.t.c. and this is often limited to toddlers. Still in this type of advert, the toddler appears in a none sexually suggestive way and does not reveal his or her genitals to the public.

Models from 18 years and above are the ideal age for nice modeling as there are little to no government laws affecting that willingness to get involved. Nevertheless, posting nudes on social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok and Instagram might be interpreted as a violation of community standards and might lead to restriction of some features on your page or even totally taking down of your page.

Career for nude modeling and advantage

A career for nude modeling includes modeling types, jobs, opportunities, and money gotten or spent on nude modeling. You can become a glamour model, swimsuit and lingerie model, and even a promotional model if you plan to go into nude modeling. However, some high fashion models also tend to sometimes drift towards the aspect of modeling. Jobs that involve nudes include

  • Posing for erotic (glamour) magazines such as playboy or penthouse magazine
  • For art projects, where models pose for art students, painters or photographers who collect photos for an art exhibition
  • Some cosmetic company who prefer their models to show off enough skin to advertise their brand
  • Some lingerie and swimsuit or generally clothing brands

The major advantage of getting into nude modeling is that models might be paid a bit higher than models who don’t sign up for this because of the controversy behind it. Although nude models don’t usually have a long-term contract and they require to continually scout for jobs. This can be done by either being represented by an agency or going into freelancing.

Disadvantages of nude modeling

Going into nude modeling has a long-lasting effect on your modeling career. And it might be a negative impact on a society full of politics and critics.

Tracing our minds back to Mrs. Melania Trump, t.he wife of Donald Trump, during her presidential campaign for her husband Donald Trump, was been called out for engaging in such acts during her years as a model with photos of her posing in nudes for playboy magazine surfacing the internet. Although Trump won the presidential election this had a toll on her career. So if you are interested in being a female leader, advocate, or joining politics in the future, this niche of modeling might not be for you.

Also, if you are planning on going into pageantry, you may need to rethink your decision on going into nude modeling as not all beauty pageant organizers welcome the idea of their beauty queens having their nudes roaming the internet. According to Telma (not her real name), who is an organiser of a beauty pageant in Nigeria; she claimed that not all companies accept nude modeling been on their ethics and so a beauty queen might have limited endorsement opportunities, especially in a country where with strong moral and ethical values. Furthermore, a beauty queen is supposed to set an example for people (models or not), they are supposed to be advocates and inspiration to many, therefore, taking part in nude modeling might put their image in a bit of jeopardy because of the controversy behind it. The likes of Emily Kachote (Miss world beauty pageant), Vanessa Williams  (Miss America pageant), Carrie Prejean (Miss Califonia USA), and Caroline Schwitzky (Miss western USA) are beauty queens just to mention a few, that have been disqualified because of their string with nude modeling.

Lastly, aside from the negative effect, it may have on your political career, pageantry career, or getting some jobs for brands. You may also have a backlash in your religious community especially if you are a Christian or Muslim.

In conclusion, going into nude modeling requires you to have tough skin as you are likely to experience a lot of criticism from religious and ethical bound people.

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