Difference between promotional and commercial modeling

While the overall aim of modeling is to advertise client products or services. The manner of advert differs and depends on the this of the model and the model’s manager.

Commercial and promotional modeling are the two most popular types of modeling that do not require specific body size or height. However, in as much as this term sound familiar, there are major differences between both terms.

What is promotional modeling?

In promotional modeling, models are booked to promote clients’ products and services at trade shows, convection, and live events to potential consumers. Here, models must be easygoing, friendly, and joyful. Also, they must have good knowledge of the client’s product and services to enable them to answer questions that will be asked by potential consumers.

What is commercial modeling?

Commercial modeling involves a model being booked to advertise a client product using billboards, tv, radio, newspapers, social media pages e.t.c. Models here advertise varieties including ads for products or services such as foods, tech, drugs, clothes, wigs and hair accessories e.t.c

Difference between commercial modeling and promotional modeling?

1. Location for adverts

Unlike commercial modeling where the model only appears on tv, on billboards newspapers magazines heard on radio stations, and through social media; promotional models are require to stand at the boot to be seen physically during a trade fair exhibition or any live event. Promotional models may also be featured I. Several platform as well.

Promotional models at trade fair exihibition

2. Age of model

In commercial modeling, any age is accepted. Both old and young. A 6-month-old baby, as well as a 70 years old woman, can be used for a commercial advert. However, in promotional modeling, the model must be vibrant, active, and outspoken, on this, a 6-month-old baby and a 70 years old woman will definitely not fit in for that role because a 6-month-old baby can not talk and a 70 years old woman might be too weak to convince. In conclusion, promotional modeling requires young active models.

3. Advertisement time

In promotional modeling, a model is expected to stand at the boot convincing customers to buy products or patronize services still the end of the live event which usually takes place from morning till the early hours of the evening; but in commercial modeling, there is no such thing as a live event. Any video or photo for advertisement is uploaded on various platforms any time of the day without the models having to stand for hours convincing customers.

4. Sexually alluring

Promotional model

In promotional content such as car events, sport event e.t.c models tend to dress sexually or physically attractive or behave in a playful manner that might be regarded as sexually suggestive but this is not always the case with commercial modeling.

5. Wearing of uniform

In promotional modeling, models mostly appear in uniforms which may have the company name and logo but in commercial modeling, models can appear in a different outfit that may not contain the brand name or logo.

promotional models on uniforms
A commercial model

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