Different body types; the modeling type that will work best for them

As human differs so do their body types. From being skinny to being plus size, to tall to petite, to being a mature model or a child model. These body types may accept one but not all the different types of modeling available. Read on to know more about your body type and the modeling type that will work best for you.

1. Tall and skinny models

These are models who are at least 5’9ft tall for females with a body stats of 32-24-33 and 6’0ft tall for Male models with a body stats of 39-40 for chest, 32” waist, 15.5” neck, and should fit into 40r jacket.

Best modeling types suited for them

Models under this category are suitable for all modeling types except part and glamour modelling.


For glamour modeling, models with this body stat might not be too curvy or voluptuous enough for strong sexually alluring shoots or content.

For part modeling, tall model might have a rather too long feet and hands for clients wears.

2. Petite models

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A petite model is a model who is less than 5’7ft tall. Here, they can be of any body size. I.e they do not have a specific body requirement.

Best modeling types suited for them

This category of models will be best for

  1. Part modelling: this is because they have smaller body parts which will be ideal in modeling footwear, hand rings, bangle e.t.c
  2. Lingerie, swimsuit, glamour modelling: will be suitable for those petite models who are curvy

Also, they can be used for Promotional, commercial, fitness, and fit modeling.


A petite model might not be too favour when it comes to Editorial, high fashion, and runway modeling because of their height constrain.

3. Plus size models

These are models from size 12 and above. No height is required to become a plus-size model.

Best modeling types suited for them

Plus-size models can work best as Glamour models, fit models, commercial models, lingerie, and swimsuit models. Recent times as shown that plus-sized models are now gracing magazine covers and runways.


A plus -size model might not be too favoured when it comes to fitness modeling, promotional modeling, part and editorial model.

4. Mature models

Models from 35 years and above are regarded as mature models, although some models scout classify models of 40 years and above as one.

Best modeling types suited for them

Most mature models engage in commercial modeling. They may also take part in the runway and editorial modeling in some cases. Though this is not an often occurrence.


Mature models’ bodies might be too fragile and wrinkled for part modeling, lingerie modeling, fitness modeling, glamour modeling, and promotional modeling.

5. Child models

Kids from 12 years and below are regarded as child models. They can be of any height and size.

Best modeling types suited for them

A child model can be an editorial model, runway model, part model and commercial model.


Swimsuit, glamour, fitness and promotional modeling might not go down well with a child model because of their age and the government law guiding children.

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