Male modeling; Steps on how to become a male model

The modeling industry is a very competitive one where every model is trying to find their space. This is not an exception for male models as they are yet to rank among top supermodels or even the highest-paid models. As a male model generally you have to develop a thick skin as you are likely to face a lot of rejection during casting and auditions. Also, male models receive lesser than female models when it comes to jobs. Unfortunately, this is yet to be corrected but the modeling industry tends to be in favour of the female than the male. But knowing the guided steps to sail through can helps project your career.

How to become a male model

Just saying you will like to be a model isn’t enough. You need to know the right polaroid shoot to send across to clients and agencies and know how to build a portfolio. Also, modeling requires money, although there are cases where a model is scouted in a shopping mall or any public place and then the agency was willing to do anything to help project the model’s career but this is rare nowadays as the industry is now saturated with models who are willing to invest in themselves. Furthermore, having a distinctive look and being ready for a change in style such as your hairstyle is necessary. This is to say, don’t be too comfortable with your present look because some jobs require some alternation in your physical appearances such as your hairstyle and hair colour. You must learn to be flexible and have g an open mind towards shootings.

Below are basic steps to follow in becoming a successful male model

1. Know your modeling type.

Your modeling type is determined by your body structure and location. For males with abs, becoming a fitness model will be a good fit. For models with long legs, going into the runway should be brought into consideration. However, male modeling height requirements for most casting are 6’0ft and above. Models shorter than 6’0ft might not be represented easily in the high fashion niche as they tend to have a parameter of roughly a 32” waist, 15.5” neck, and 40-42 jacket. For part models, especially those modeling footwear, wrist watch, hand bangles, or anything that requires modeling your hand and foot; having straight appendages and an even skin tone is a plus. Therefore, as an aspiring model, identify your strength and weakness and use them to determine what type of modeling you will dive into.

2. Master your angles

This involves being friendly with the camera and mastering

which pose brings out the best in you. Here you’ll have to practice a lot with either a mirror or your smartphone. A mirror will help perfect your posing skill in front of a camera and a smartphone will help record your poses and take still photos.

When trying to master your angle in front of a mirror or camera, stay a close-up distance away that is your head and shoulder should be close to the mirror. This helps in knowing which head movements are best for your face. Try posing when smiling and when not smiling while moving your head slowly in a different direction. Tilt your head slowly from side to side and move your chin upward and downward, slowly. Observe the image forms on the mirror or your smartphone camera and know which one works best for you. Some angles most make you look bold or harsh others may make you look warm or funny

3. Invest in yourself

This range from your well-being down to your modeling career. Here investing means, exercising regularly, getting into a suitable modeling diet routine, having a good skincare routine, shooting polaroids, paying for featuring, getting into the paid shoot to build your portfolio, registering in models programs, paying for a comp card, getting simple basic modeling clothing e.t.c. modeling involves time, dedication, and money so you must be willing to invest.

4. Get a polaroid

A model’s polaroid is a model-first marketing tool. Ideally, all models whether aspiring or represented have one. A model’s polaroid is an unedited natural image of a model in natural light and a clear background. These are the images most casting directors and modeling agencies first ask of, from a model or the agency representing them.

5. Get a comp card

A composite card or comp card for short is a model’s business card. Here it contains a head shot, contact and statistics of the model on the front section and 4-6 editorial behind. Most casting director and client demand for this. So it is essential that you get it.

6. Build your modeling portfolio

Your modeling portfolio is your modeling CV and resume. It is the first thing your client or an agency asks for when seeking a job or representation. You can build your portfolio by having a test shoot with a team of creatives and from previous works you have engaged in. Your portfolio can either be in the form of a model’s book, or you can design a personal website and upload pictures it will serve as your digital portfolio. Also, you can make use of your social media pages such as Instagram and TikTok as your portfolio page.

7. Become social

This is a great way to market yourself and your career. It helps you connect with clients, scouts, and well as other creatures and models. Opening an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, tiktok, and pin interest acct is ideal for models. After creating an acct you should also learn to network with other models, makeup artists, photographers, fashion houses, modeling agencies, and casting directors. You can start by sending them a dm that you love their work or send them a collaboration proposal or you can simply be them you’ll love model for their brand. For models, you can reach out to them, admire their work and ask them for some modeling tips or any modeling give available they might have heard off.

8. Market yourself

This includes advertising yourself on starnow,, social media pages. Also, attend events such as public model searches, open casting calls and fashion show expos, trade shows e.t.c This helps to expose you both physically and online to client and castin

9. Join an agency

Joining an agency exposes male models to more male modeling gigs and opportunities. The more reputable your agency is the better your preparation to be scouted by casting directors and the more likely you are to land top gigs. When looking out for an agency make sure you avoid being scammed. . you can either join a modeling agency by applying online or you can attend casting calls.

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