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Travel cost ; How to spend less for a job trip


Traveling for jobs now, a model isn’t an odd thing. As you progress in the industry you are more likely to be booked for jobs outside your province and that will require traveling (alot).

In the light of this, we have often heard of a good number of models running into debt or not even sure of where to start from when booked out to the states or when traveling for an audition.

Mirable (not her real name ) a 21 years old model for south Sudan revealed falling out of the industry due to the debt incurred due to travel expenses which she had to pay back through my model loan and thus cost her a large chunk of her gig money, leaving her with little to no cash after a modeling job done. 


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Things to consider before traveling

In other to avoid incurring debts, you have to consider some things such as; the amount paid for the gig (modeling job), the cost of living in the prospective place, the cost of transportation to the destination place, your modeling goal, and modeling limit, the cash at hand and the previous debt incurred.

1. Amount paid for the gig:

Here, you must not accept a job offer that is less than the cost of traveling, except if you want to go into debt. Or you have the intention of doing it for free to build your portfolio

2. Cost of living:

This may include a hotel or guest house, apartment rental, or residing with your friend or a family member. If you are traveling to a place as a new model it will be more profitable to stay with a friend or family to reduce costs. Even if the agency representing you offers to pay upfront they are very likely to deduct it from your modeling jobs. So try as much as possible to reduce the cost.

3. Cost of transportation:

Some top mother agencies will be willing to pay for your flight ticket and in-street transportation like Uber, bolt, cab, or offer you a car rental service. However, bear in mind that you are very much likely to pay back after being paid for the job. This is more of a modeling loan. Therefore try as much as possible to cut down some luxuries you can travel by bus or train instead of flight for domestic travel. And you can avoid the car rental series and go with Bolt or Uber or can instead.

4. Your Modeling goal and limit:

This term must be kept into consideration in anything you hope to do as a model in the industry. A modeling goal will give you a great picture and insight into your future expectation while your modeling limit prevents you from coming on a wrong path that you may later regret. When these two terms are been brought into consideration, you are less likely to overspend.

Like in the case of Tayomide, a Nigerian model. Who stated that;

I had planned on making some few hundred thousand in 2 years, it was a goal that I had set for myself. In that regard, I found myself not overspending on travels by opting in for a cheaper but solid method as well as only traveling after making sure the job is legit and the money earned will cover up my expenses and still cone amount left for small flexing.

Check out modeling goals>>

Check modeling limit >>>

5. The cash at hand and the previous debt incurred:

Before embarking on any travels, make an estimate based on what you have and only opted for a modeling loan if you must do so. Also if you are already in debt due to some previous travel or due to some other reasons then, make sure you avoid heaping more debt to avoid sabotaging your modeling career.

Who funds a model’s travel

From the write-up above, you should be aware of at least 2 sponsors which are the

  • Model
  • And Agency

Another major sponsor is the client

The Model’s client can also offer to pay for the travel expenses but this doesn’t occur always. sometimes they would prefer to buy you a larger chunk of money and expect you to cover your travel cost from there.

In all of this always asks for before agreeing to the job contract always ask how the travel expenses will be covered by your Agency or you can ask the client in the case of direct booking. After that compare and contrast if it is worth it. Nevertheless, you can always do a near-free job to build your portfolio


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