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Modeling goals; How to set realistic modeling goals

We have heard about setting a goal, once or frequently in our lives. This term is as important as the water you drink.

A goal simply means a result that one is attempting to achieve.

Your modeling goal is what you hope to achieve in some planned number of years in the modeling industry. This will give you direction and help you set your modeling limit.

When setting a modeling goal, It is important to note that as our body type, age, location and financial stability differs so will our goals. Therefore, you are actually not been truthful to yourself if you copy someone’s else modeling goal. Modeling goal is personal and whilst setting one you have to put your body shape, age, location, limitations, and finances into consideration.

Below are helpful tips and how you will set a modeling goal

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1. Know the market within your locality

This is important even when selecting your modeling type. In developing or under-developed countries, where taller models are preferred it might be difficult to become a successful petite model. Or in localities where runway models are massively sorted out, it will be difficult making a wave as a promotional model. So it is better to first sort out the kind of is needed in your locality before setting your modeling goal so that you won’t have several reasons to regret it.

2. Accept your weakness

Knowing and accepting your weakness will give you more ideas about setting a realistic goal. Your weakness could be you being short, fat, stuttering whilst speaking, having stretch marks, not being able to walk effectively, having financial constrain e.t.c. Knowing your lapses and limitations will help you set realistic goals.

3. Understand Social media Facade

When setting realistic goals you should not focus your mind on what social media portrays. For instance, as a new model, it’s okay to have some hundreds and a few thousand followers like 400-2000. Do not be deceived into having 10k followers in less than a year. Grow steadily.

Also, setting a goal of modeling for a top brand within your first 2 years (or even more) simply because your mentors on social media are modeling for top brands in the industry might not be too easy. So it’s always good to appreciate small jobs and sometimes even free jobs.

Now that you are fully informed on what to consider before setting your modeling, it’s high time you set a realistic goal to guide you to your future. You can start with setting goals within 3 months, 6 months, a year, 5 years e.t.c

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