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How to get more jobs; social media tricks for models

It is a known fact that the world is now digital, and if one wants to succeed then becoming digital is essential.

Models bookers, models scouts, modeling agencies, service companies, and other brands have now adopted the method of engaging in social media actively. Therefore, as a model, freelancer, or entrepreneur in general using effectively your social media presence is key to succeeding in today’s world.

Model: Harnet Eweka

One mistake people do is just growing the number of their followers without paying much attention to the engagement their post gets such as likes, comments, saves, and shares. Also, people do not pay attention to the type of followers they have if it fits the niche they are involved in.

Below are 10 top effective method on how to get more jobs using social media;

1. Following people who are involved in your niche

The worst mistake people do on social media is by following random people without paying interest to the service or product the people are involved in simply because they want to grow their social media handles. There is a 70% possibility of getting a follow back after following someone on Twitter or Facebook thus follow only don’t people involved in what you are doing. For instance, as a model you are expected to follow other models, model bookers, modeling agencies, fashion pages, beauty pages, models blogs, models scout e.t.c following a crypto trader or a forex signal company or even a tech company might be insignificant. However, we have models working for tech and crypto vendors still most people prefer getting models from an agency or a booker

2. Followers aren’t enough, your post engagement is

Your social engagement involves likes, comment, saves, shares, and repost. Most companies or models booker prefer working with models who have high engagement oh their posts. There are some funny observations where a model has about 10k followers and still struggles with 30-50 likes as opposed to a model with just 2k followers and has a post-engagement of 300-600 likes. The number of likes and comments on your page motivates a brand or service company to work with you because it will convince them that their brand will have great publicity and patronizers because of the high post engagement you do have.

3. Create captivating post

This may start from posting high-quality images on your feed and stories, to posting of reels on either your posing skill or on any topic that involves your niche. As a model, your social media pages are your online portfolios so you must make sure the page is arrayed with pictures and videos of a different kinds. High-quality images and videos attract online passersby to your page. These passersby may include brands and models bookers or scout who may love your work and wishes to work with you. Also, good posts attract a more audience this builds post engagement.

4. Interact on social media as you will do physically

Remember people are watching you and following what you do. It may come as a shocker that quite some numbers of people are viewing what you post and say without following your page or commenting. And they are taking note of any unruly remark or character you exhibit. It is on that note, that we advise that engage with people nicely as you would have done physically. there is no need to act all cold up to show that you aren’t desperate. Being warm when replying to your messages and general comment will go a long way in your recommendation for more jobs.

5. Avoid dragging people into a mess online

Calling out people online to embarrass them is not professional and it tends to give a near bad view of you. If you have ever been scammed or engaged in a bad deal you can report to an authority privately. Nevertheless, you can create awareness among models on what they should do to avoid that bad experience without mentioning the name of the brand.

Creating a commotion online will only bring attention to you but that doesn’t mean the attention will land you a job. Most brands want to work with people who are NOT involved in any record of a fight, rudeness, jail conviction, or any social media conflict. Focus on building yourself and report to higher authorities the case of a scam, harassment, abuse e.t.c authorities such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, models bloggers, and other top and renowned mother agencies in the case of an agency scam e.t.c

6. Avoid posting nude pictures

Except you want to focus on being a glamour, swimsuit, and promotional model, avoid posting nude images of yourself online as much as possible because some top brings will love to work with models without any record of illicit behaviour. Posting with lingerie has little to zero negative effect as it is almost a norm in the modeling industry but try not to post in a sexual appealing manner it may limit your work with brands who don’t fancy that.

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