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How to find the right photographer for your collaboration

Collaboration is one of the key factors of success in any industry. From going into a test shot for your portfolio development, to building quite a strong networking bond between creatives.

However, some models find it hard to collaborate with creatives most especially photographers. If you are one of those models who struggle with getting positive feedback from photographers then this is for you.

Collaboration involves using good technique and strategy that is beneficial to both parties. So when presenting a collaboration proposal to a photographer make sure to use the right techniques. Below are helpful steps you can follow to get into a successful collaboration with a photographer.

1. Know the exact reason why you want to go into a collaboration with a photographer

We have heard of some models sending messages for collaboration when they simply do know why they want to collaborate or they do not have collaboration terms. It shows a level of unseriousness when you send a message for collaboration and when asked your term for collaboration, instead of sending a good detail of the collaboration proposal, they would however ask the photographer the same questions about his or her collaboration term without stating the reason behind their earlier sent a message for collaboration.

So before sending out messages for collaboration you must have a clear and good knowledge of why you even want to collaborate at the first place.

2. Get some paid shots to grow your brand first

Most photographers collaborate with people who already have some value in what they are doing and have created content for themselves and these can be mostly done by getting paid shot to build a little bit of your portfolio before seeking a collab

3. Market yourself out there.

You have to start by including “let collaborate” or collab for short in your bio. You can also use hashtags that concern photographers within your proximity such as #lagosphotographer #abujaportraits #editorialsudan #photographycollab

Here, any photographer that fancy your profile will reach out to you.

4. Locate a photographer with similar ideas and styles to the shoot you intend to doing

This can be done through sorting out for them social media. Instagram has grown to become a major hub for business, with this app you can easily explore through the insta pages or various photographer and write down the ones that upload photos similar with what you want for your portfolio. Whilst doing this put your location into consideration.

Another way is through a physical visitation go the studio. You could do it as a passer by, viewing their individual banner or photo poster to know if the photos they take meet your standard.

3. Send your detailed proposal to the photographers you intend collaborating with

A detailed proposal includes stating what type of Model you are, what type of shoot you’d like to shoot (here, give a reference to a similar shot the photographer took), state your location as well as the location of the proposed shoot when you will be available for the shoot.

Do not forget to include what the photographers will gain if they accept your collaboration proposal.

Whilst stating the benefit of the photographers, it is old fashion to talk about publishing the work of the photographer on your social media pages. They do not buy the idea anymore except perhaps, if you are very popular and have high social engagement. Still, the idea of crediting the post to their studio shouldn’t be the only benefit you have to offer.

4. Network with other models

We cannot stress the importance of this enough but reaching out to other models most especially in your vicinity is of great essence. In this modeling industry, models are other models’ guides and they will prevent you from falling. Reaching out to other models about the best photographer you can get for collaboration and about the techniques you can use in getting them to accept your proposal might be helpful. Also networking with other ph exposes you to the knowledge of which photography is bad or good and some limit you should set before going on set .

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Photo credit : light field studios via istock

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