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With the growth of the industry, scammers have been seen to be on the increase. Both online and physical. And this has become a threat to aspiring models.

A modeling scam is a dubious act when someone who either falsely claims to be working for a modeling agency, owns modeling or makes empty promises to help a model when it’s just the money and in some extreme cases to take advantage of the model through sex or getting their nudes in exchange for fame and nudes.

Modeling scam is not only detrimental to a model’s career but rids the modeling industry of trust and security. This it must be addressed.

Scammers can come in different ways, they might be a model’s scout, modeling agency, models booker, or even a company that claims to have a job for you. Below are things to identify a scammer.

How can a model identify a scammer and avoid one ?

1. Requesting for nudes

No modeling agency will ever ask for a models nudes to be scouted . And no model should send a nude photo to any body who promises placement into an agency or job.

2. Paying for scouting

This is another crucial issue for most models. There is a difference between a modeling agency and a modeling academy/program.

A modeling agency does not take a fee for scouting into their agency. They make their money from a percentage of the job you get as a modelled signed in by them. Also not all modeling agencies train models in some modeling programs such as beauty and skin care, modeling etiquette, the business of modeling, catwalk, and posing skills.

Modeling agencies that trains models are mostly regarded as “Mother modeling agency”. Whilst the ones that don’t are refered to as ” Boutique Modeling Agency” Boutique modeling agency sign in already trained models.

However, a Modeling Academy / program is paid for by models. It could be a catwalk class, a posing class or a model’s business class, or a class for skincare, makeup, or etiquette. Sometimes these programs are called Master classes or model coaching classes and a modeling agency may or may not own an academy.

Paying to be scouted by a boutique agency or even a mother agency isn’t legit. However paying for the academy program isn’t a scam.

Also, we have some models scout and models booker companies who scout and place models into an agency and search for jobs for the model. These companies in some cases are a brand on their own and don’t own an agency and they take a commission from the models to place them into modeling agencies and look for jobs on their behalf. However, these companies may or may not be legit and real. So you have to look out for what is true.

3. When the scout promises you big salaries jobs which will be consistent

The modeling job is quite inconsistent and you do not know when the next job is coming on board. Also, a model’s earnings are irregular and models new models even start from doing free jobs than small jobs of low pay. The higher-income job comes with time and growth. Still, it cannot be guaranteed. There if any company or model booker is offering you an unusual sum of money for a job as a new model. You have to be careful and do your research to avoid being prey.

4. When you are been rushed by the company or agency to sign a document

Not giving you enough time to read and scrutinize the contract document should be A turn-off. Be careful.

5. No legit modeling casting or jobs will take place in the evening.

Genuine agencies start their physical casting ranging from 8 am-to noon then they round up in the afternoon. If you are requested to go for a casting call or model audition in the evening or anytime from 4 pm. Then that casting may not be legit. Also, a physical visit to the agency takes place during business hours during working days. Anytime aside from this is not legit.

6. When they demand sex or are making sexual advances at you.

No true agency, models scout, or booker would demand sex in exchange for anything. If you have experienced this or you are seeing some signs then it is time to run and you can also report to us.

7. When the email address of the email sender is different from the company that they claim to work for. And the body of an email is wacky.

When you receive an email from an unknown source telling you that they work with a company (another unknown source a) and you should contact the company f to get the job. Note the username of the person that contacted you is different from the job company they claim to be working with, then you should be suspicious. No legit MA, models scout, or model booker will use his or her suspicious email

Also, when the body of the letter has no salutation, it tends to be suspicious. While this may seem significant no true representative in the modeling industry would send an email without saying Hi..or hello.

Furthermore, if you have received an email of you have been scouted or given a modeling job without you applying for it, do well to ask how they were able to locate you. There the location of the place they seem to have found your portfolio doesn’t match up with your marketing location. Then it is a scam. For instance, they claim to have found you on models.com whereas you have never uploaded your portfolio there. Then that’s a contradiction. Beware.

8. When the Modeling personnel shows a sign of discomfort when you come along with your guardian, parents, or close friend to your first meet up with the agency

9. When the agency looks quiet with just magazine photos hanging on the wall.

An agency is supposed to have a level of activities from phones ringing, to clients coming in and out, other models available to be scouted, secretaries and other workers talking to clients, with the good inscription of the modeling name on the wall, portraits of models they have signed in and a few other busy rooms. Then it might be suspicious.

We hope this post was worth the read. Do let us know what you think or share your experience if you have ever been scammed in the comment section below.

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