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Test shoot; Its benefit to aspiring models

Test shoot is simply a collaboration between models and photographers. And in most cases a fashion stylist, makeup artist and an art director for the purpose of using the end product (picture) to add to their portfolio and project their brands.

A test shoot can be a paid and unpaid shot, where creatives such as Models, fashion stylist, make up artist , art director and photographers come together to create an art piece such as a photo or video with the idea of promoting their individual portfolio.

Here it is the base for creatives to get a professional photos to add to their book. Models can add it to their Modeling protfolio, photographers can add it to theirs as well as forwarding it to magazines. Fashion stylist can use the photos to advertise their brand as well as the makeup artist.

A test shoot is as important to the photographer and model, as both parties receive images for their portfolio as well as practicing working with such teams.

Kierasharp photography
Image of Kiera sharp photography

Paid and unpaid test shoot

A paid test shoot occurs when one party worth more than the other. That is they give out more value compared to the other party. Here monetary payment might be required although it might not be as high as usual. For instance when a well known model engages in a test shoot with a newbie photographer, the photographer might pay her to attract her into agreeing to work with him. Also a makeup artist might be paid if his/her services is more valued than yours. And a model can also professional photographer for a test shoot for the best of images.

Unpaid shoot shoot occurs when no money is involved, rather everyone gets equal right to the images and can use it to build their individual portfolio. Here, every member of the team bring a bit of themselves to the collaboration with shared ideas and a common vision.

Benefits of test shoot to models

1. It exposes you to a network of other creatives Such as makeup artist, photographers, fashion stylist e.t.c . This network grows your career and might likely land you a good gig (job).

2. It offers you the opportunity to have a professional photos. Most brands engage models with professional photos than models without one.

3. It builds and expands your portfolio.

4. It increases your contact list and exposure

5. Test shooting is a way of refining your skills and keeping you on trend. It is also a way of practicing for the real thing too.

6. It increases your self esteem and leaves you feeling confident and prepared to take on paid jobs.

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