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What is comp card; Why all models should have one

What is a comp card?

Comp card is short for “composite card”, as you compose pictures and data to represent yourself. As a model, a comp card is your personal “business card”, showing photos of you, through which you present yourself. It is something for you to leave with a potential client at a casting or audition, so that they can instantly remember you and book you.

What does a comp card look like?

The standard model comp card size is much bigger than a business card. It is slightly bigger than a post card. The standard size is A5 or 5.5″ x 8.5″ and is usually printed on double-sided.

On one side, it has the model’s name, stats, and headshot. The headshot should show the model’s features clearly. If the model’s face is covered, clients might assume that the agency is trying to cover a flaw.

Model’s stats to include:

  • Height
  • Vital stats (bust/chest, waist, hips)
  • Hair colour
  • Eye colour
  • Shoe size

On the other side of the comp card, showcase 4 or 6 photos from the model’s portfolio. The selected photos should show off the model’s range. This will act as a mini portfolio of the model. The agency’s contact information is usually found on this side of the comp card as well. If you are a freelancer, include your own details here.

Note: you can alter the design slightly by placing your body stat underneath your 4-6 photos on the second side

The photos on the model’s comp card should reflect his/her current appearance. If a model has made significant changes to his/her appearances (different hair length or colour), the comp card needs to be updated. The photos will also need to be replaced if there are newer and better photos (magazine covers, international fashion shows, major campaigns, etc.).

Conclusively , Your comp card will include a four-photo collage of your digitals, as well as your height, measurements, and contact info. These photos are meant to show you as you would appear in a go-see, or a casting session.

You will need one full body shot, one from the waist up, and one of a close-up of your face. You should also include a profile shot with your hair up or held back.

Comp card sample

Why does a model need a comp card?

The job of your comp card is to show off your diversity and to make it easy for the client to hire you. Your comp card does that by having your contact details, or that of your agency, but it also has your measurements. For a designer putting together a cat walk show, they need to know what size garments to arrange for you to model. They need to know your height, your shoe size, and your physical measurements.

your comp card is your business card. You need a great comp card so that potential clients don’t forget you. So that they have your details easily at hand, and so that they can prepare garments for you to model.

With a comp card, clients get a quick overview of your look and can quickly see whether you’re right for their project. Your comp card is thus the first impression you make, and it should definitely be convincing! After all, beautiful pictures immediately catch the eye and create interest in further pictures of you and in working with you. Furthermore, a well-designed comp card does not only look great, but is also a sign of tidiness and reliability, qualities that are important to every client.

How to create a comp card?

You definitely can create your own comp cards. We would recommend you learn how to do this as it’s a good idea to update your comp cards every few months or so with new images. The best was to do this is through a free online design tool called Canva. Using this tool, create a new A5 document and you’ll be able to drag and drop your images around and write in your details. When you’re ready, all you’ll need to do is download it and you’ll be ready to go. 

If this all seems a little daunting, you can also reach out to a designer and they’ll be able to create your comp card.


You must use high quality pictures. Remember this is your marketing tool so you have to give it your best shot.

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