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Qualities of a good model’s Polaroid

Models Polaroids which is also know as ‘digital’ are untouched, non professional images of talents used to depict a model’s real selves. They are test shots by photograhpers and within agencies and it’s actually the most important photo when trying to get signed in as a model. A Polaroid is a gateway to better shoots and more jobs and it’s essential to include this in a modelling portfolio as often it is requested for by agencies and casting directors.

Below are essential qualities on what makes a Polaroid great

1. Location

A white background in a clear daylight is ideal for a great shot. Do not take pictures with harsh light on you

2. Outfit

Your outfit should be a black trousers, a black,white or gray tight shirt and high heels (for the ladies)

3. Wear little to no makeup

Polaroid is meant to show your natural looks so preferably do not wear makeup

4. Do not wear accessories

Accessories like earrings, rings , necklaces, generally any form of accessories are not allowed

5. Avoid shadows in your Polaroids

6. Be generally neat and give your Polaroids that attitude

The agency needs the following pictures of you:

  • Full body picture (from the front)
Full length


  • A Portrait of you not smiling and a Portrait of you smiling
A portrait of you smiling and of you not smiling
  • Head shot
  • Side view
  • Swimsuit photo (optional)
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