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Hidden Battles models face by Murjanat Muktar


The issues which are saddled on the heart of young models is becoming alarming . The constant disregards for models especially for dark skinned models has become the other of the day. On this regard what is to be done to reduce drastically the ill treatment black model faces.

In the quest for  a justifiable path in the modeling industry; Miss Murtanat Muktar, a 24 years old face and fashion model shares deep insight in an interview with walks and beauty magazine about the real struggles models face whilst aspiring to promote their modeling career.

She talks about the maltreatment,  poor wages, bad timing amongst other.

Read full details below..

Kindly tell us how you were “discovered” in the modeling industry, what prompted you to become a model?

Well I started quite early , I had an agent at 17 and even took a modelling class but not for long because I had to relocate but honestly it was terrifying because me and the rest of the model we’re being exploited in so many ways so I quitted.

At 21 , I was at a market and a makeup artist saw me and asked me if I would like to model for her so I accepted and that’s how my new modelling career started. I realized that I had what it took , it wasn’t just about the face , I LOVE modelling , it made me happy and I always put my best foot forward . Since then, I decided that I was going to try the modelling thing again but on my own terms , so I started reaching out to makeup brands , artists and photographers. One of them @makeup360 helped me. She was the first to reply my email and we’ve been working together since then. She has helped pushed me and encouraged me because being a freelance model is harder than having an agent.


You talked about been exploited, please Can you kindly tell us the ways in which you and other models were exploited?

Well , we got asked to go for auditions and most of the times it was a ruse. Sometimes we’ll be asked to go for promotions at clubs and we weren’t promoters . My best friend at that time for example was a fashion model so why do we get asked to sit at clubs?

There was a time I was informed that I had an audition with emzor pharmaceuticals. I didn’t get the part (it was a commercial) but as my agent and I were about to leave, he (my agent) asked me to hold on, he went on to say someone wanted to talk to me and it was the guy in charge and this were his exact words

“I want to spend the weekend with you and I will give you whatever you want “

I was angry because he couldn’t give me the part but he wants a part of me [laughing] and guess what? my agent was in support. At that moment, I realized we were being used. My agent never pushed me anywhere I knew but we were little girls and could have easily become victims. I still know some girls who turned out differently because they gave in .

It was like our attractiveness was what could give us any job and our willingness to comply.

They wanted a level of intimacy and maybe sex in exchange for a modeling job?

That’s if there were really jobs , because today I wonder if any of the opportunities were real. The only person that had it good was the agent .

To my understanding yes , even agent wants some.

Hmm, quitting was quite a bold step you took.

Yes it was

What type of modeling will you not do even for a billion naira?

Right now I can think of anything but I hate animals (animalphobia) so I definitely wouldn’t want to model with and animals

I wanted to say nudes but I’m so open minded now that I might just do it , it still depends.

But dogs are a nice animals😂?

I know. I wish I can be friends with them but I’m terribly scared but I’ll work on that 😊.

[laughing] okay….Having modelled for some time, what would you say about the payment models receive on every job done? Do you think it’s meagre compare to the work done?

Very meagre , Here’s why;

I personally prep two days to a shoot, I work on my skin , my poses , go through alot of mental and physical exercise in other to prepare. Sometimes, I even do research on the theme or something like that. Now, the shoot is probably an average of 3hours or more in most cases and here’s how they cheat you; they’ll want to pay you just for transportation and that’s it or sometimes they’ll calculate the lunch they get for you and deduct it from your fee.

I’ve had a client who wanted to pay me with a goody bag , whatever that means. And the thing is whatever you’re doing for them the clients get more out of a shoot than the model. And there’s a thing about agency, I’ve worked with someone who paid me a lower fee than the two models she got from an agency. Being freelance is hard work, but being a model as well is tough because you’ve got to fight for what’s yours and what’s right.

Some clients think as a model you need them more than they need us.

I’ve had a client who told me that because I’m brown skinned I should take whatever I’m being offered otherwise there are plenty fishes in the ocean some willing to take just transportation.

That was plain rudeness

Yes , the other models got 15k and I got 12 and the extra was because she thought I was awesome 😂

Aside the poor payment you’ve received. Are there other ill treatments models are exposed to during their jobs like in runway shows, studios ?

Remember I talked about lunch , so here’s the thing; you leave your house early, probably you have a strict client who wants you to show up as early as 6-7am and you forgot to eat ? You’ll most likely spend the rest of your shoot hungry and tired which can result to bad posture or smile or lack thereof , maybe it’s because I’m a a foodie and then there’s the issue of costumes , sometimes you have bring your own costumes.

I’ve had good days where transportation and feeding is all taken care of and all you have to do is show up. And there are times when I have to transport myself to said location and feed myself and bring my own costumes.

Some times the client might be late and might pay for 3 hours and you end up spending the whole day.

Makeup products , clients don’t care about your skin unless it’s problematic , now you expect me to have a perfect skin , then you apply tons of makeup without a prior knowledge of my skin or allergies and you expect me to still have perfect skin and we aren’t paid enough for the destruction of our skins . I’ve had an allergy reaction after a super big shoot , I had a swollen eyelid for days , I don’t know if it’s the product or brush but it was brutal.

So yeah , our skin , our time , respect all together.

Oh so sorry about all of that

Job hazard

In this industry and my short time in it I’ve seen enough to make me quit again but I refuse because I don’t just love my job am good at it too.

Before we call it a day what advise would you give to upcoming models about the industry?

Well , it’s a dog eats dog situation but you got to hold your own. First, know what you want and how you want it then push yourself . There are times where you’ll be pushed to the wall but don’t give up and please don’t bleach your skin because it’s in Vogue , darkskin is making a come back and you’ll always have your time to shine .

Also, no matter how small the job is always get feedback from clients especially if you are a freelancer , this helps strengthen you and gives your client a good impression, just an email saying you appreciate the opportunity and you’d like to know how you did and if they are satisfied with your service. It goes a long to know you care. Believe In yourself no matter the circumstances .

Thank you so much for your time ma’am. The interview with you is indeed a very memorable and interesting one.

Thank you too, I feel the same way and I really. I really appreciate the questions , some of them have never been asked before and I appreciate your patience with me.

What do you think of Walks And Beauty?

I think you guys are great and I’d like to see some real changes in the industry .

That’s all!!

Hope you had a fruitful reading??

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