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Peace Paul on Revitalising the Modeling Industry

With the burst out of competitions which some consider unhealthy, stood a model with awesome potential. Peace Paul a graduate of performancing art, an artist and a born model who is very passionate with everything affiliated with fashion and art speaks in an exclusive interview with Walks and Beauty on the dangers of the saturation in the modeling industry, the height status quo most modeling agency place and on Collaboration.

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When did you develop interest in modeling? what motivated you?

Since when I was a kid. I’ve always admired Models when I see them on TV. Also, I have always been motivated by my own Confidence, my family and loved ones, most especially my Teacher has been a source of motivation for me back then in Secondary School.

Have you experienced any criticism in modeling and how did handle that?

Not Really because most times I don’t need to tell people that I am Model before they realize. The first Comment I get is “Hope you do Model?” and when I tell them I do, they always get this fulfillment all over their Face.

What has been your most challenging experience ever since your inception into the modeling industry?

The most Challenging experience is when I gained Admission into the University,I couldn’t make it for Casting and I lost lots of opportunities that could have been more helpful to me career wise. Also I wasn’t signed into any Agency because I felt I wouldn’t been able to Cope with both.

At present are you signed into any agency?

Yes I am. Re Model Management

Can you mention some brands you have worked for?

I have Modeled for SunnyRose,Mai Atafo, Laquan Smith, ThreeAsFour,Ituen Basi, House of Stone, amongst others

What do you think about the competition in the modelling industry and the relationship models have for each other?

The Competition in Modeling industry today is actually discouraging cause it’s only in Nigeria that a Model will go for an Audition and not get picked because of the Agency she belongs to or Because she isn’t Popular and is really is the main thing bringing us backward in the Modeling World Today.

And due to the competitions, The Love that’s meant to be shared amongst Models doesn’t Exist.

Concerning the height statistics placed as a status quo by most scouts or agencies which in most cases ranges from 5’8ft and above. Do you think it’s necessary for models to be that tall to fit in as a runway or editorial model?

Hmmm…. About that, I this yes cause the height and size of a model matter a lot when it comes to Runways. It actually brings out the fitness and Beauty of the Dress.

But we have dresses for plus size and petite people. Does that mean those clothes can never be modelled on the runway?

If you look at it, everything whether Short or long,Small or big fits a Tall and Slim Person.

Before we call it a day, we would like to know if you had gotten into any Collaboration with photographers, makeup artists, clothing lines or with any expert relating to modelling?

Yea I Have,I’m not always about the Pay Jobs although The money is Needed but I give Others the opportunity to bring their Ideas and we working out something with it.

Collaborations adds to my Creativity.

What do you think of Walks and Beauty brand?

It’s so promising , amazing and prolific, you guys are giving out a premium services to people , Keep it up walksandbeauty. All the Best.

Thanks alot for your time!

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