Diary of a petite model

Have you seen potentials ? Have you seen a Nigerian petite model grace runways, brands and High Fashion magazines cover regardless of the height constraint?

Here’s to a girl boss who has no limit and is ready for the year and the future.


Charissa Salami is a 5’3 feet petite model who has not only graced several runways meant for tall models because of her uncommon and fiercely exclusive potentials but has also served as a high class fashion model for brands. On an interview with “Walks And Beauty” magazine she revealed some amazing things about being a petite model. Read on!


Since when did you start developing interest in modeling and what motivated you?

I developed interest in modeling as a teenager, typically like most teenage girls. When I saw photos on magazines and TVs, I wanted to be like those models. My motivation came from the knowledge that dreams will keep on remaining dreams if I don’t take a step towards achieving them, so I decided to give modeling a try.

Kindly tell us your role model and in the modeling industry?

To be honest it’s pretty difficult getting an ideal role model in the industry because I’m petite and even though there are lot of supermodels out there who have made their mark, it’s hard to relate with their experience knowing that it’s not going to be the same for me because of the fashion industry standards. Right now there are numbers of models that inspire me and yes, they are petite models as well: Andrea Ventura, Dominique Robinson, Aliana King and the list goes on. These women collectively I would say are my role models.

What is your greatest fear in the modeling industry?

I think that my greatest fear in modeling right now would be giving up. I believe that as long as I’m hopeful and actively pursuing my dreams, then anything is possible, but if I give up I won’t be able to achieve it.

What challenges have you encounter because of your height and how did you faced them?

Yes I’m a petite model, I’m 5’3″ which is pretty much on the shorter side for most agencies. So far, my greatest challenge is the constant rejection due to this one factor ‘my height’. The most effective way I’ve been able to face this challenge is to work on my self, mentally, emotionally and physically. I have no control over how tall I am so I do not let it get to me when I’m rejected based on that alone. But other areas where I can put in the work is where I focus on and I keep trying to improve on my craft.

please do tells us the advice that you gave yourself 5 years ago on the industry?

Five years ago, I told myself ‘ it is better to try and fail than to not try at all’

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

The one thing I am extremely proud of is making the decision to become a model. I think that if I didn’t make that choice, I wouldn’t have met and worked with so many amazing people in the industry; some of whom are my friends now. For every single job I do, I’m always glad that I made that decision.

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