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How to avoid rejection as a model

Have you ever sent in a Polaroid without getting reply or have indicated your interest in a comment section and still got ignored or participated in a casting call and you were not even recognized then this post is definitely for you.

Rejection is actually demeaning to one’s mental being especially when it got to do with your long lasting dream. The truth of it all is that been rejected is not the problem but inability to figure out the reason behind it and not working it out is.

Before you can avoid rejection you have to know the possible reason why you might likely face rejection and below are strong possible reasons why your mail or message was ignored or why you weren’t pick in the casting call you have so longed to be in.

1. Sending in bad Polaroids

Polaroid is a models first and most essential tool. Polaroid may be a dated camera, but the word is commonly used for test shots by photographers (roids), and within agencies when describing un-retouched, non-professional images of talent used to depict their real selves. These are the most important shots you can take when trying to get signed as a  model and are usually needed for agencies or scouts to see the natural look of the model. For more details on what makes a Polaroid bad and how to take a perfect Polaroid click here>>>https://walksandbeauty.wordpress.com/2020/10/17/qualities-of-a-good-models-polaroids/

2. Not identifing your modeling type

Not identifing your niche in the modeling industry tend to disqualify you because it shows that you do not have a vision or goal. Identifing the type of model you want to become guides you in the modelling industry by giving you the focus you need. It also help you to know the kind of casting that best suits you instead of some random casting call.

Note: Before choosing to become a particular type of model you have to make extensive research if you fit into that niche because modeling is not just a job for fun, it’s a Career, it’s a lifestyle. To know you modeling type click https://walksandbeauty.wordpress.com/2019/07/30/types-of-modelling/

3. Reaching out to the wrong agency

Sending an email or participating in a casting call that’s does not match your statistics is a No No. For instance been a size 8 model you aren’t suppose to participate in a casting call meant for plus size models or been a 5’5ft model and below you aren’t suppose to participate in a casting call meant for models of 5’8ft and below therefore it’s of great need to know the agency statistics requirements for the casting to avoid been ignored

4. Not having the attitude and aura

Attitude is everything. It can make a model scout pick you even if you do meet there requirements (although that’s on a low percent of probability)

Personality is a vital part of becoming a successful model, in fact, we’d go as far as saying that it’s as important as a good face and clear skin, but attitude, that’s what really sells an item.Your attitude showcases your inner spirit.

Ultimately, the model’s job is to sell an item to the consumer

If a model looks dull and boring the chance of someone buying the product is slim. Instinctively the customer will see the product, then the model, and then imagine themselves looking equally as plain. Thus, they won’t make a purchase.

If the model shows a bit of attitude though, the chance of the consumer making a purchase is much higher. A model with a bit of attitude looks confident and cool

Having finalized the 4 major reason why models are often rejection below are tips to avoid rejection

  • Choose your modeling type
  • Have a great sense of attitude
  • Send good Polaroids, remember its your first and most essential tool as a model
  • Appear neat for a casting calls and your ability to communicate clearly and effectively can give you some bonuses
  • For social media casting make sure your social pages have great photos of you both Polaroids and editorials
  • Read the requirements to know if it’s fit you stats

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