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How to become a successful a freelancer model


Freelance modeling is a kind of modeling that gives you the opportunity to become your own boss and allows you make decision in matters they concerns your modeling career solely.

Becoming a freelance model is another better option if you fail to find a modeling agency that fits you, per say because of their statistics standard or you are unable to find one in the location you reside. Freelance modeling gives you an opportunity to pursue your modeling dream instead of burying it in your backyard simply because the modeling agencies isn’t your fit.

If you have decided to become a freelance model, then you’re going to be representing yourself in the modeling world and you are fully responsible for finding and booking your own work. However Freelance work provides you with the chance to express your creativity and simultaneously and you don’t get to divide your earnings with any agency so you will take home the full amount of the job. Also when you’re signed to an agency you have committed to a contract that ONLY they will represent you. This usually happens for 1-2 years but there’s no guarantee that they will actually find you jobs or get you work. it can be frustrating if it leads to a dead end.

An important Key to note is that, freelance models at the initial stage get paid lesser than models who are signed up by an agency unless you break even and become a modeling icon.

Below are tips in becoming a successful freelancer model

1. Choose the type of model you want to become

Knowing your purpose is important for any person who strives to be successful. Identifying the type model who are is a stepping stone to a great modeling career as it helps gives you the focus you need. One advantage of becoming a freelancer model is that you can choose a modeling type you truly crave for even when your statistics is not the general requirement. For example a petite freelancer model of 5’3 feet can walk a runway which is generally regarded as a model type for tall models of height 5’8 feet and above. There are many clients out there who don’t mind hiring a fashion model who is shorter or a commercial/print model who is taller, etc. Most importantly you need to know yourself and be focus in your modeling type to break even. See also types of modeling herehttps://walksandbeauty.wordpress.com/2019/07/30/types-of-modelling/ For models pursuing more than one category of modeling, you’ll need to have the right images for each type and only show them to the right clients.

2. Build a stunning modeling portfolio.

A modeling portfolio is like a Model’s resume and a model’s most important marketing tool. Also it’s the first impression a client get when considering you for a job. A modelling portfolio it’s not only a collection of images; but a showcase of your statistics, talent and experience as a model. For more information on how to build a great modeling portfolio click the link below https://walksandbeauty.wordpress.com/2019/08/03/how-to-build-a-modelling-portfolio-a-step-by-step-beginner-guide/ Depending on what direction you plan on going in, have the appropriate photos, portfolios, comp cards and business cards (optional).

3. Create a strong online presence

If you choose to take on the big bold business of modelling solo, networking is vital and creating awareness for your modeling career through online presence is one of the surest way in becoming popular and scouted for modeling jobs. You can build your online presence by creating your personal professional website and social media handles such as Instagram, Facebook page, twitter, pin interest, Tumblr as this serves as a window into revealing your personality alongside your snippets of your work. Also it helps Link you up with aspiring photographers, stylists and makeup artists which will help you grow and expand your network. Advertising yourself, your abilities and your level of professionalism and having a website under your name (quite literally www.ememagara.com) shows potential employers that you are serious about your career and this goes a long way against agency models.

4. Master Your Communications Skills.

It is of great importance to communicate well as you are your own booking agent so you will be the one submitting your headshot, portfolio and/or resume to clients. You will be the one making and answering the phone calls and emails so it is critical that you are a great communicator. Be fluent in your grammar, check our emails regularly, answer phone calls even though you don’t recognize numbers it might be a job knocking at your door and be serious about promoting yourself. you can’t be lazy, a procrastinator or leave a client hanging. This will quickly give you a bad reputation.

5. Look out for jobs

When sorting for jobs as a freelancer don’t limit yourself to commercial/print. Also submit to freelance castings for fashion/runway models, fitness & sports, swimwear, and stock photography gigs. 

Some of the top websites for freelance models to find jobs is ModelMayhem and starnow.

Underneath the “castings” tab on their website you’re able to select and search jobs in your area, all over the world.

More niche job hunting sources are Instagram pages like model casting calls, walks and beauty and Facebook groups dedicated to creatives coming together to build their portfolios, news papers and magazine. Also networking with other models and photographers also expose you to jobs opportunities.

Note: paying jobs won’t become a regularity until your portfolio develops and your name is recognized amongst the community.Also be disciplined and set your standard, it is more advisable to cancel any modeling job in which your client do not promptly respond to your calls or emails or if they have not attempted to make contact with you within 48 hours prior to the job. Give your client your rules in a polite, humble and professional way.

6. Set your rates

Of course freelance model rates are entirely situational and will vary depending on the individual and the job. Many of the modelling jobs you secure will have predetermined rates but there will be chance to negotiate or even determine your own.

But of course this will adjust as time goes on. Before you raise your rates, evaluate your success and analyse the progress you have made. Pick a rate that is fair and try not to get greedy! This will be important when it comes to collecting your payment as well. Also do your best to avoid personal checks ( you just can’t trust a lot of people nowadays). The best deals are done in cash with no strings attached.

Important things to note: Gigs offering tearsheets from the actual publication—not regular prints should be your first priority. Monetary compensation is wonderful but it’s the tearsheets that will serve as “proof” of being a published model. Monetary compensation is the next priority level when it comes to submitting yourself. Lastly, you may submit to a modeling gig that isn’t paying or offering tearsheets if you really like the client/photographer’s work or if they are offering a CD of all the images for your personal use. As far as payment goes, request payment immediately after the work has been completed or submit an invoice via email afterwards.


7Don’t Underestimate Your Potential.

You are a model. You are running yourself as a business. This takes a great deal of work, dedication and confidence. If you show any doubt or second-guess your abilities, it will show. Don’t let a client push you around, treat you unprofessionally, or try to talk you into something you aren’t comfortable with.

Stand your ground but always, always, always do it with grace and professionalism. No matter what happens, never lose your cool, be humble. If anything at least that client can’t say anything negative about you if nothing negative happened in the first place.

Make it a point to arrive on time, and answer every phone call and email in a timely fashion. Take direction well, don’t complain if it isn’t necessary (or at all if it can be helped!) and keep a positive and fun attitude while working and dealing with clients.

You want to get to the point where clients automatically associate you with being dependable, punctual and a joy to work with. Keep these good habits up and you’ll be able to hold down a freelance career for as long as you want.

So if you haven’t been signed to an agency or you just really like the idea of being your own boss then maybe freelance modelling is for you!

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