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How to build a modelling portfolio – A step by step beginner guide

Launching a stable career in modelling industry requires a stunning modelling portfolio.

A modelling portfolio is like your resume and a model’s most important marketing tool. Also it’s the first impression a client get when considering you for a job. A modelling portfolio it’s not only a collection of images; but a showcase of your statistics, talent and experience as a model. Taking a realistic approach to your portfolio will help you avoid rejection and failure as you attempt to enter the industry for example you don’t need to take high fashion shots when you are 5’4″ and below.

Here are the step by step guide in building a killer modelling portfolio;

  • Determine your model type: deciding on the type of model who want to be before you kick start a career in the modelling industry is essential. There are different types of modelling with some having specific requirements. Click the link below to explore the different types of modelling https://walksandbeauty.wordpress.com/2019/07/30/types-of-modelling/ Note you need to be realistic and away of stereotypes when choosing your modelling niche.
  • Hire a professional photographer: choosing the right photographer is a great step to creatinba modelling portfolio. Do your research , ask for referrals from experience models or local modelling agencies. Photographers who work in the industry will have experience with modelling shots and will likely know what agencies need. Note, choose a photographer whose area and expertise match you vision and styles.

Hire a professional hair and makeup artist: Although hiring one is not compulsory, it can add a lot of value to your portfolio image as these are potentially the most important photographs that you will ever create. Understand that you can’t do your own makeup as well and with as much range as a makeup artist can do. Also makeup for the camera is much different than the makeup you wear everyday. Plus, when you are at your photo shoot, you should be concentrating on the modeling.

Make sure you clothing’s are ready. Solid colours clothes are recommended. Avoid prints and pattern. If you are interested in commercial print modelling, swimsuit is ideal.

Prepare for a domenstration of versatility : Having a number of shot suited for your type of modelling is essential. Below are the list of shots that you should have in your modelling portfolio;

Beauty shot

Swimsuit shot

Head and full shoots

Editorial shot

Choose the perfect high quality photos for your portfolio: Balance your choices and focus on getting both versatility and quality. After your shoots, choose your best photograhps in different outfits and designs. Make sure you select head-shots with and without you smiling, full-length shots and 3/4 length shots. Your portfolio should have between 10-20 images – make sure you pick absolutely the best of the best images that cover all your facets.For tips and inspiration on planning your images, have a look at some stunning model portfolio examples.

Get a model’s book printed: A printed portfolio book important when meeting a client or a modelling agency personal in person as it gives tangible, real thing to go through while you are there with them. Your photograhper may offer you this service if not any photo printing place can do it for you. Remember to update your portfolio as with your tear sheet or photos from photo shoots as you get modelling jobs.

  • Create your online modelling portfolio website: an online modelling portfolio helps you make presence everywhere and most international and professional modelling agency and client will end up seeing your face online portfolio. You can pay a website designer to create one for you or simply design it yourself using WordPress, Fiverr and many others. Have a look at 15 stunning portfolio websites for models.

Tips for a great model’s portfolio website. It’s must;

  • Works well on mobile devices
  • Has a minimal, clean and modern design that focuses on showcasing your portfolio in the best way possible.
  • Loads fast and is clutter-free
  • Showcases your images in beautiful grids for a quick overview but also enables viewers to enlarge images to have a closer look.
  • Includes a stats page as agencies and clients would need that information.
  • Includes an “About Me” page and tell about yourself, who you are as a person, your achievements and story.
  • If you have videos and commercials, do include them on your website.
  • Have clear contact information, make it easy for people to reach you.
  • Connect with your social media account and start a blog as well – tell behind-the-scene stores, show off your character and who you are as a person

Your modeling portfolio website is going to represent to in front of agencies and clients and needs to make a great impression of you.

Start marketing yourself: After building your portfolio you next priority as an aspiring model is to get your modelling portfolio in front of the right agencies and clients. You also need to start using social media – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook linkedin to get spotted. Also, create your profile on websites such as Model MayhemFashion Model DirectoryOne Model Place – these can also get you the right exposure.

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